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Smile Gallery

Case 1

Kevin used to model in college. He had lived with the uneven length and uneven color of his teeth for long enough, so he came to us for help. Crowns and veneers and look at the difference.

Maybe Kevin should get back to modeling.

Case 2

Sandy decided that the issues she had with her TMJ had gotten to be too much. She also was looking for a cosmetic enhancement of her smile. Sandy got comfortable and relieved her TMJ pain with a “temporary bite” that laid down the foundation for the final restorations and new bite position. Now she is absolutely loving her new look and feeling great!

Case 3

Margarita disliked the “patches” of different colored fillings and crowns on her front teeth.

We did minimal veneers on her teeth and WOW!

Case 4

Kira had that dreaded “black line” on her front tooth from an old crown. Many patients have to deal with this, and she came to us for help.

New crown and a few veeners and she is ecstatic!