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Holistic Dentistry says yeah! – FDA to “Review Dental Amalgam”

I am a proud supporter both philosophically and monetarily of the Consumers for Dental Choice, a movement very active towards helping bring about awareness to the powers that be for removing dental amalgam from use completely. One of the leaders of this movement, a man named Charlie Brown (he doesn’t have a dog named Snoopy), recently traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to participate in the world mercury treaty meeting. To see more about this go to Toxic Teeth website.

There, he met with others from many countries to try and lower the world’s burden of mercury. He spoke of something that is very interesting from our country…….that the FDA, as of June 10,2010, is going to hold an advisory panel to review dental amalgam. Read the FDA website for more.

Something that is bad for pregnant women and young children is perfectly safe for everyone else? Just doesn’t make sense, but it’s a step in the right direction!