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Phase Contrast Microscope

phase contrast microscopeThere are many kinds of microscopes, and each has a specific purpose. Some are better in one kind of situation than others.

For helping you maintain good oral health, the phase contrast microscope is ideal. This special microscope allows us to look at living samples of the bacteria and other microbes taken from your mouth – “good bugs” and “bad bugs” alike.

Yes, even the cleanest, healthiest mouth is home to billions of bacteria representing hundreds of different strains (not to mention viruses and fungi, as well). Many of these microbes are essential to good health, but there are also harmful bacteria, as well.

Good oral health depends on keeping a healthy balance in this oral microbiome, supporting the helpful bacteria so they can keep the bad guys in check.

Examining samples of your oral microbiome helps us get a read on your current periodontal (gum) health and disease risk, as well as keep track of your progress should perio treatment be needed.

With the phase contrast microscope, we’re able to detect gum disease in its earliest stages, which means we can treat it in a minimally invasive way, no surgery necessary. We can even see signs of micro-inflammation!

Best of all, you can view these sample in real time right along with us, on an adjacent monitor. Many of our patients find that a real motivation to take control of their oral health, inspiring them to make nutritional changes, ramp up their home hygiene, and follow through with any recommended preventive treatment to keep small, easy-to-fix problems from becoming big, expensive, tougher-to-solve ones.

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