Quality work starts with the right tools.  That is why at New Era Dentistry we are constantly investing in the latest dental equipment to provide you with the highest quality and most comfortable dental experience possible.  Please read more about some of the high tech equipment that we have.

Digital Radiography

A Computerized X-ray system that uses a digital sensor that hooks directly up to the computer, instead of films that need to be processed.  90% less radiation per x-ray is needed, and no toxic developing solutions are required either.

Air Abrasion 

Fine, sand like particles that gently remove decay without the vibration or loud high pitched noise that is common with the “drill”.   In many cases, no anesthesia is needed.


Cutting edge technology that uses laser powered water to remove cavities with little heat and vibration, which allows us to use little or no anesthesia.  To see more about the waterlase, read here.

Diode Laser 

Many applications, including gum therapy that can take the place of gum surgery!


This is really cool.  An extremely high-tech computer system that allows us to make all porcelain crowns/onlays/inlays in a single visit!  No temporary, no second shot.  Read more here.

Dr. Partrite continues to receive extensive training in this technology so that your experience can be quicker and better!

Deep Bleaching

The best and most effective tooth whitening system we have used.  It is more permanent and with less sensitivity than any other whitening method.  Read more here.

Intra-Oral Camera 

We use digital cameras to give you a “tour” of your mouth and the condition of your teeth.  You can see what we can see

Movie Glasses 

Let your favorite movie take you away and make your experience at the dental office the best one ever!

Bose Noise cancelling headphones

These headphones make any experience more enjoyable.


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