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Safe Mercury Removal

It’s one thing to be mercury-free and never repair teeth with mercury amalgam. It’s quite another to be mercury-safe – to protect patients, ourselves, and the planet from any mercury amalgam that we handle in our Danville office.

New Era Dentistry is both mercury-free and mercury-safe, taking special care to protect you, along with everyone else who comes into our office. Dr. Partrite is SMART-certified by the IAOMT, meaning he follows the most stringent standards that have been set.

Whether you are seeking to have your amalgams removed for health or cosmetic reasons, or because your old fillings are failing, we will always follow the SMART protocol for handling that toxic alloy.

The Basics of Safe Mercury Removal

Here are some of the most important features of our safe mercury removal procedure:

Rubber Dam
We use a latex-free dental dam to isolate the teeth we’ll be working on from the rest of the mouth. This is to limit any mercury vapor or particulate from being inhaled or swallowed. Once all the amalgam has been removed, we remove the dam, thoroughly rinse your mouth, then place a new, clean dam before placing your new restorations.

HgX Cream
Once we’ve placed the dam, we smear a layer of this paste on it, which helps limit any mercury vapor that would otherwise pass through.

Patient Coverings
We cover you from head to toe with disposable barriers to prevent any particles of mercury amalgam from landing on your clothes, skin, or hair. After the procedure, they are removed and properly disposed of as hazardous waste.

Controlling the Breathing Space
We place a large vacuum hose next to your chin to suction away the air and mercury vapor produced as we remove each filling and put it through a three-level filtration. For this, we rely on a unit from DentAirVac, one of the best systems around.

Supplemental Air
You’re given pure oxygen to breathe throughout the removal procedure, delivered through a nose piece.

Air Filtration
Each room has a negative ion generator which produces over 2 billion negative ions per second. These negative ions trap positively charged mercury ions (and other airborne particles), which are then blown by a fan across the room to a plate that collects them.

Both doctor and assistant wear respirators to protect ourselves from the mercury vapors.

Keeping It Cool, Chunking It Out
Heat releases far more mercury, so when the fillings are drilled out, our assistants are
constantly spraying water over them. We also remove the fillings in chunks, so that the amount of vapor released is minimized.

Activated Charcoal
There is evidence that taking activated charcoal 10-15 minutes before amalgam removal can bind particulate mercury if swallowed. This is optional and available if you choose.

Vitamin C
It has been shown that high doses of vitamin C during and after the procedure aids the patient in immunity and clearing mercury from the body, as vitamin C is a natural chelator. We can arrange an IV drip immediately following your procedure or we can provide you with liposomal vitamin C, which you can take orally at home.

Compatibility Testing
We offer compatibility testing to ensure that the materials we use to replace the mercury fillings will not cause any sensitivity or reaction. This serum (blood) test is provided by Clifford Consulting and Research and reports on more than 17,000 dental products! We believe it truly is the gold standard for biocompatibility testing.

Concerned about mercury amalgam in your mouth? Contact us today for an appointment!

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