What type of filling would you prefer in your teeth?   

Black, corroding metal that expands with pressure and temperature and leads to cracked and broken teeth, 





or biocompatible white fillings that bond and hold your teeth together?  


New Era Dentistry has always been Mercury Free, and Mercury Safe!  Why?  Mercury is the most toxic, naturally occurring substance on the planet.  It should not be something that is put in people’s mouths.  These “silver fillings” are over 50% mercury by weight and there is still much controversy as to whether the mercury is bound in the filling and completely inert, or if it is actively released as mercury vapor throughout the lifetime of the filling.  Watch this video that shows a 25 year old filling releasing Mercury vapor.  If you’re still not sure or don’t believe this is actually mercury, watch this video.  These mercury vapors are then readily absorbed into the body and can be deposited in a number of different tissues.  I make no claim to be an expert in the scientific evidence supporting this subject, but it is eye opening and definitely made us change.  The symptoms of mercury toxicity are many and these symptoms are often easily confused with what we consider to be part of the normal aging process.  Read here to see some of the signs and symptoms of mercury toxicity.

As Mercury Free Dentists, we don’t intend or claim to cure any disease or stop any symptom by simply removing the fillings from your teeth.  We rely on and work closely with other holistic health care practitioners to determine mercury levels in the body and they will then help you cleanse your body of the toxins we are removing from your teeth.  If you decide to have the mercury removed from your teeth, you want to be sure that certain precautions are followed.  Here is the process of Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings from your teeth. 

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