What is Holistic Dentistry?  Think of it as “whole body dentistry”. 

Here at New Era Dentistry, we view Holistic Dentistry as an approach or mindset, where we believe that every procedure that we do (or don’t do) can have a profound effect on other parts of your body.   In this approach to Holistic Dentistry (as well as other Holistic Medicine practices), every part of the body is connected, thus when one part of the body is treated, we have to consider the consequences it could have somewhere else.  Many people know about acupuncture and meridians, which is basically an “energy highway” from a point on the body to certain organs, tissues or glands.  Our teeth are also associated with these acupuncture meridians, so problems in a tooth can lead to far greater stress on the other end of this highway. 

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We approach our patients as a concerned person, not an authority figure that is telling you what to do.  We will take more into account than just your teeth!  You are a person who deserves to make an informed decision based on what you feel is appropriate for you and your situation. 

Some of the goals of Holistic Dentistry are to discuss with you proper nutrition which could lead to the elimination and prevention of dental and physical breakdown.  We seek to rid your teeth of toxic materials (especially mercury!) and then use bio-compatible dental materials, which will minimize the creation of more disturbances in your body. Read here for more about the safe removal of mercury fillings. Now your body can begin the detoxification process.  Another viewpoint of Holistic Dentistry is that a person’s “bite” or mal-occlusion can greatly impact and add to physical disharmony.  So we look at the “bite” in a whole different way.  Bite problems=physical imbalance.  Think of what would happen if you had a pebble in your shoe for 20 years and what imbalance that could have.  Remember, Holistic Dentistry is “whole body dentistry”.  The prevention and treatment of gum disease is also a goal of Holistic Dentistry, however, we look at the biologic basis of the disease.  Bugs!  Also, the systemic effect of oral disease and infection is very important.