Here are some of our efforts at New Era Dentistry to make our office more “Green”:

New Era Dentistry has had an amalgam separator since 1996, one of the first offices in the Bay Area to do so.  This device takes all the waste water coming from our office and separates out the mercury amalgam scraps before it goes into sewer lines.  This is now mandated by most counties and states.

We use Digital Radiography, which uses 90% less radiation and requires absolutely no toxic chemicals to process the film.  Thus we have much less hazardous waste to dispose of.

We are limiting the amount of waste that we produce by using reusable, non-plastic suction devices, surface barriers, and patient bibs.  Also our Cerec crown making device reduces vast amounts of waste because none of the goopy impression material or temporary material is needed.

Our treatment rooms are sterilized between each patient with the only OSHA approved disinfectant that is non-toxic and biodegradable.


Our office has air filters and ionizers throughout that are constantly purifying the air that we work in and creating a more pleasant environment for our patients and our world.


We recently installed bamboo flooring that use no glue and is a naturally antiseptic material.  Bamboo is eco-friendly because it regenerates in 6 years and it is technically a grass, so save a tree!


We have non-VOC paint throughout the office.

We employ a certified green cleaning service that uses non-toxic cleaning supplies and provides us with recycled products for the office.


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