FDA holding hearing about Mercury Amalgam Fillings and their safety

On December 14-15, there is going to be a hearing held in Washington D.C. to discuss the safety of dental mercury amalgam.  Currently, the FDA rule on dental amalgam acknowledges that “The developing neurological systems in fetuses and young children may be more sensitive to the neurotoxic effects of mercury vapor,” but inexplicably still says that it is safe to expose even these vulnerable populations to mercury – a know neurotoxin and reproductive toxin.

I have written in my feelings and you can too!!!!!  All you have to do is go here and write how you feel about mercury in dental fillings, or how you have become ill from them, gotten better from them being replaced, or simply how you feel that an archaic material should have no place in our mouths!


Holistic Dentistry says yeah! - FDA to "Review Dental Amalgam"

I am a proud supporter both philosophically and monetarily of the Consumers for Dental Choice, a movement very active towards helping bring about awareness to the powers that be for removing dental amalgam from use completely.  One of the leaders of this movement, a man named Charlie Brown (he doesn't have a dog named Snoopy), recently traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to participate in the world mercury treaty meeting.  To see more about this go to Toxic Teeth website.

There, he met with others from many countries to try and lower the world's burden of mercury.  He spoke of something that is very interesting from our country.......that the FDA, as of June 10,2010, is going to hold an advisory panel to review dental amalgam.  Read the FDA website for more.

Something that is bad for pregnant women and young children is perfectly safe for everyone else?  Just doesn't make sense, but it's a step in the right direction!


Holistic Dentistry and Fluoride

As a Holistic Dentist, we are always concerned with chemicals that we put in people's mouths.  One that we definitely don't use in our office is Fluoride!

The Fluoride Action Network, which is an organization that I am a member of and fully support, has some great information on their website.  The thing that I find extremely disheartening is the fact that every tube of toothpaste that you purchase will say on it "harmful if swallowed" and things like "not intended for children under 6 years old".  However, we are involuntarily and for some people, unaware that we are getting A LOT of fluoride in the water we drink.  What are the benefits of ingesting fluoride?  For develping teeth?  The American Dental Association, as of 2006, is now recommending that babies DO NOT get water that is fluoridated.  Hmm.........

Most Western European countries do not fluoridate their water, and in the times that the U.S. has done so, most if not all of these same countries have the same rate of decline in dental decay.  So why are holistic dentists the only ones who are concerned about this?  These are the types of things that really made me look more into holistic dentistry and holistic practices in general.

Take a look at the website, and just say NO to Fluoride.


Mercury use on the decline

I wanted to post something here that came to my attention.  Mercury use is on the decline in recent years.  This is great to hear and will hopefully diminish the job that holistic dentists have, removing mercury fillings for people in the safest way possible.  I found this information on the website of the IMERC (Interstate Mercury Education & Recuction Clearinghouse) website....."The decrease in the use of dental amalgam from 2004 to 2007 was 14 tons, or approximately 46%."  That is great!  Check out this website to read more

According to this site, dental amalgam is the second largest category of mercury use in products.  And unlike any other product with mercury added to it, there are no restrictions on the sale or distribution of dental amalgam.  That is scary!  So maybe Holistic Dentists will still have work after all! 

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