Do you have worn teeth that are chipping away? 


Do your front teeth show old discolored fillings or crowns that take away from your smile?  Have you been looking for that “Hollywood” smile or just a way to make yourself look more youthful?  Cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile in just two short office visits!  How exciting is that……….real life Extreme Makeover. 

Many studies in sociology show that the first thing people notice is a persons’ eyes, and the second thing they notice is their smile.  You may have heard this saying before, “The eyes are the window to the soul, and a smile is the gateway to the heart.”  What would a new smile do for you and your confidence level?

Our doctors at New Era Dentistry have trained with the prestigious Las Vegas Institute to better understand the art behind cosmetic dentistry.  See for yourself in some of our Before and After gallery.