Welcome to our website, home of New Era Dentistry, “The Natural Dentist”.  I have written almost all of the text on this website for you to learn about what it is we do and how we do it.  Please read on and learn! 

What is a “Natural Dentist” you are probably asking?  Well, we treat our patients as people, not simply the teeth that are in their mouths.  This imparts a Holistic Dentistry mindset, that the teeth and mouth are intimately connected to the whole body.  This Holistic Dentistry approach helps our patients understand their bodies and what causes injury and illness, and they can then better embrace optimum health.  Mercury is one of those commonly used materials that we are concerned with, and we have been Mercury Free Dentists since 1992.  

A Natural, Holistic Dentist is continually trying to reduce the toxic materials that we use, the waste we produce and help our environment be a safer and healthier place for all of us.  This is all part of our Green Dentistry efforts, read more here.

New Era Dentistry is an extremely high-tech dental office and we perform all aspects of dentistry, with emphasis in Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgam fillings set forth by the IAOMT and Dr. Hal Huggins.  Visit the services and high-tech equipment sections to learn about the next generation techniques we use to perform Cosmetic Dentistry, design beautiful smiles and provide the ultimate in restoring your teeth with a Holistic Dentistry approach.  Dr. Partrite has undergone extensive training in advanced Cosmetic Dentistry with the prestigious Las Vegas Institute, a world renowned learning center for dentists who want to provide their patients the absolute best in Cosmetic Dentistry. 

Call today to discuss how Holistic Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry can help you and quite possibly change your life!  Experience a “New Era” in dentistry!  

If you are concerned about mercury “silver” fillings and the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings, visit here